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May 15, 2017 Daily Ricksterscope

5R’s – Incredible to 1R – Awful

Aries – It’s Monday, and you’ll have responsibilities to take care of today. Even if you’re not working, this will still be true. You’ll approach these responsibilities with your usual high energy and optimism. You’ll be able to get to the bottom of various financial issues in the next few weeks. You might want to fine tune your financial plan for the year. It’s a good time to examine your goals and expectations. Tonight: In the public eye. RRRR

Taurus – Reach out to a friend at a distance. This person might help you to get a better view of the big picture. You could become quite chatty the next few weeks. Others might have difficulty getting a word in edgewise. Remember that good communication involves listening as well as talking. Don’t hog the floor. You could feel quite tense or irritable today, but you might not be sure why. Tonight: Let your mind wander.  RRRR

Gemini – Emotions run deep today, and your mind could be on one important or special person today. For some reason, you might not want to talk about it. You’re more interested in practical relationships, and you might get gratification from being of service to loved ones. You might be chatting a great deal less in the coming two or three weeks. The exception could be spiritual issues which you might want to discuss. Tonight: Togetherness works.  RRRR

Cancer – You may need to defer to others today, which you will likely have very little problem doing. You tend to enjoy being of service to those that you love. And, this will certainly increase your popularity. You probably enjoy shooting the breeze with friends in the coming weeks. Today, you might find that your friends are arguing or have a disagreement among themselves. A partner or loved one is a bit intense later in the day. Tonight: Let someone else decide.  RRRR

Leo – It’s Monday and it’s time to get back to work. You’ll have your share of work to get accomplished today. You’ll get it done, and quite quickly. An authority figure seems to be in the mood to chat. You may need to lend this person your ear often the next few weeks. On a personal level, you have the self-confidence to overcome certain inhibitions at this time than you have been able to in the past. Press forward with your desires. Tonight: Off to the gym.  RRR

Virgo – You’re almost always ready to dig in and get to work when it is necessary. However, today you might have a bit more trouble doing so because you’re in such a pleasant and playful mood. On the other hand, you’re also quite creative and can use that to help with or move forward with certain work projects. You might also have a new fondness for taking ill advised risks. You’ll need to understand the consequences. Tonight: Having fun wherever you are. RRRRR

Libra – You’ll want to stay close to home today. If you do most of your work from home, that would be an ideal situation. You’ll be more productive in familiar surroundings. You’ll be thinking about and discussing deeper subject matter than you normally would during the next few weeks. Try not to obsess on any of these issues, although it might be useful to consider many of them. Your intuition will be strong. Tonight: Happy at home. RRR

Scorpio – You will probably have quite a few messages to deliver today. Communication flows nicely today, and a partner may have quite a bit to say as well. Speak your mind and let others know what you think about various pertinent issues. You will certainly get feedback. Your words are quite intense later in the day. A neighbor or sibling might have a strong reaction. Tonight: State your case.  RRRRR

Sagittarius – Financial issues dominate your day today. Pay bills and check out your money situation. It would be a good day to make a financial plan that is realistic and works for you. A coworker might have a lot to say in the coming weeks. You’ll want to listen carefully. It’s also a good time to work on your daily routine. You might have some intense experiences today, and you’ll be able to make an impression on others if you need to. Tonight: Count your change. RRR

Capricorn – You’re in the spotlight today as the Moon beams down upon your sign. What would make you smile? It’s time to go for it. You might be more playful with your words in the coming weeks. In addition, a loved one will become quite chatty. This person might have some important matters to discuss with you. Listen carefully. The influences are very stimulating today, and you’ll likely feel very alive and awake. Tonight: All smiles.  RRRRR

Aquarius – You’ll want to maintain a low profile today. It could be that you’re tired from a fun and eventful weekend. At any rate, keeping your own counsel seems to be the thing to do today. You’ll be interested in what goes on underneath the surface of events.You’ll want to say little, however a family member will have quite a bit to say and discuss today and in the coming weeks. Listen carefully. Tonight: Not to be found. RRR

Pisces -- You’ll be dealing with groups of people today. If you need to call or hold a meeting, this would be a good day to do so. Group endeavors are favored. You might also want to reach out to a neighbor or sibling and have a long overdue discussion. This person might be quite talkative in the next few weeks. You’ll feel more daring and willing to experiment with life at this time, and you could get lucky. Tonight: Find your friends.  RRRRR

Famous people born on May 15: Madeleine Albright (Politician and Diplomat), Emmitt Smith (Pro Football Player), Stella Maxwell (Model)

(Note: This horoscope was prepared using the Pacific Standard Time for timing. Other time zones should adjust accordingly.)

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