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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Thanksgiving Day 2016

On Thanksgiving Day 2016, the Moon is transiting the sign of diplomatic and peace loving Libra. We are in the mood for pleasant times and/or love. Partnership matters surface. Transiting Jupiter squares transiting Pluto in the afternoon hours. Try to avoid power plays. The Moon conjoins transiting Jupiter during the evening hours (7:21 PST on the West Coast). We feel a sense of joy and well being then. Happy Thanksgiving!

Aries –  Let your partner or significant other take the lead this Thanksgiving Day. It will give you a chance to chill out and relax a bit. You don’t always have to be in charge. As a matter of fact, you might enjoy kicking back today. Steer clear of a boss, higher up, or authoritarian family member or parent, however.  

Taurus – You might find that you have quite a bit on your to do list this Thanksgiving. Get to  work and get it all done so that you can relax and enjoy special time with others. You might also have a minor health issue to deal with as well. It’ll be fine. Someone at a distance seems a bit controlling. Ignore this person.

Gemini – Your creativity as well as your playfulness surfaces this Thanksgiving Day. Others will likely enjoy being around you in this gregarious mood, especially since you might not have been that up and optimistic recently. Enjoy yourself to the max. A partner’s mood might be a bit heavy or depressed for your taste. Try to cheer him or her up. An unpredictable friend could help.

Cancer – This year, you are likely to enjoy your home and your family even more than usual. A boss or higher up has been unpredictable while a partner, spouse, or significant other has been intense or controlling. However, you are the star of the show on Thanksgiving Day (as usual), and you’ll love it because you love good food and warm times with family. It’s your kind of day. Celebrate.

Leo – It seems that you have a lot to say this Thanksgiving Day. And, your words are likely to be optimistic and encouraging. You’re good at cheering folks up and giving them a reason to be hopeful. Have fun and take a look at all the love that surrounds you. It will warm your heart and keep you going for quite a while.

Virgo – You may need to deal with some financial issues this Thanksgiving Day. Getting a money issue taken care of could lead to a pleasant surprise. You might have more money than you thought. Lucky you. However, if you give in to a child or other loved one, it could take a toll on your finances. Proceed carefully in this area. You’ll be on the go and working hard today. Try to slow down and enjoy being with family members; some who might be out of sorts.

Libra – This is one of your best days this month, so go for what you want on Thanksgiving Day. Your optimism and enthusiasm are impressive. However, steer clear of a controlling family member who might be trying to bring you down. Your diplomatic manner will save the day if need be. You might want to take action with regard to a creative project as you have the energy to see it through. Be thankful for your blessings this year with jolly Jupiter transiting your sign.

Scorpio – For some reason, you do not seem to be in the mood to celebrate Thanksgiving. Perhaps heaviness or difficulty on the financial or money front has you in this mood. Whatever the case may be, don’t force yourself to smile if you do not want to. On the other hand, be kind to others who may be feeling differently than yourself. Perhaps, just be a bit incognito. You’re going to be much happier over the weekend. Promise.

Sagittarius – Friends and groups of people figure prominently in your Thanksgiving forecast. You might not be in the mood for it all at first, but friends seem to be able to cheer you up. Before long, you’ll notice how much you have to be thankful for today. Be careful with your finances as it’s easy to spend more than you had planned to. A home or family issue continues to be a bit confusing. You might not have all the information.

Capricorn – It looks like you’re in charge this Thanksgiving, and you’re a force to be reckoned with. Clearly, your management and leadership skills are needed. Be careful about being too serious and/or controlling, however. The day is for relaxing, enjoying the day, and expressing thanks. It’s not a work project in which everyone needs to hustle. Take some cues from your partner or significant other. It’ll all work out.

Aquarius – You could be travelling this Thanksgiving, whether it’s traveling physically or only in your mind. Do let your mind wander. Anything different or out of the ordinary will interest you. Perhaps, take an overview of the situation as you’re better able to see the big picture these days. Afterwards, you’ll likely be in a much more optimistic state of mind. Get some exercise if you get a chance to. Transiting Mars adds to your energy level and your interest in sex.

Pisces -- Spend some time with someone you deem special on Thanksgiving Day. This is likely what will cause you to give thanks as opposed to having a big party with a large group of people. The warm feelings will grow and expand with this togetherness. Others will understand, although a friend could seem a bit pushy. Don’t let it bother you. Your more spiritual nature continues to emerge.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

The US Election

Many of you have not heard much from me since the election. Part of the reason for that is that I had planned a trip to Los Angeles the Thursday after the election. I had planned to celebrate Clinton’s victory while there. Of course, that victory celebration did not happen, although I did have a great time there with friends and others.

Yes, my prediction for the presidential election was incorrect. As a matter of fact, upwards of eighty percent of the astrological community got it wrong. Much of the polling was inaccurate as well. Many have put forth explanations for why and how they were wrong. I understand that because they (like me) take Astrology seriously. I don’t personally feel a need to explain anything, but I will give some analysis. But, it’s important for me first to say that I got it wrong. I got it wrong!

When I did my initial prediction, I tried to explain why US presidential elections do not lend themselves to an easy prediction. That is because it’s actually 51 (if we include DC, which we should) different elections, and it does not happen at an exact time. The campaign lasts for roughly one and a half years. And, we vote for about 45 days before the actual stated election date (this year, Nov. 8). Those early votes often matter - Obama won big on early voting in 2012, but lost by one point on election day that year. I tried to correct for that by looking at what I thought would be the three most important swing states - Florida, Ohio, and Virginia. They were the closest states in the 2012 election (except North Carolina, which I did not think would matter in the 2016 presidential election).

I got Virginia and Ohio correct - Clinton won Virginia and Trump won Ohio. I missed Florida (which is always very close). I was correct that Latinos came out in droves, and they did vote for Clinton. What I missed was that Clinton lost the White vote (especially the White working class) by more than Obama. This was especially true in the all important I-4 corridor. Astrologically, I focused on the Sun (leaders) and the Moon (the people). That analysis was consistent with my analysis of the demographic changes in Florida (i.e. many more Latinos - mostly from Puerto Rico). However, Florida has a stellium in Aquarius (Saturn, Neptune, Venus, and Mercury) that is also in trine aspect to Trump’s natal Uranus/Sun/NN in Gemini. Stelliums can produce quite a bit of energy and can sometimes overpower other influences that are strong in a chart. In addition, Astrotheme puts Florida’s Ascendant at 8 Gemini (admitted to the Union at 10:45 AM on March 3, 1845). That places the MC at 20 Aquarius, which also trines Trump’s natal Sun/Uranus/NN. The Moon passed over and conjoined all those planets on election day. I have also gained renewed interest and respect for progressed charts in the last few months. So, I looked at Florida’s progressed chart. It shows progressed Sun conjunct Trump’s natal Ascendant in late Leo (within a one degree orb). Trump was way behind in vote totals prior to election day (the early vote). But, he WAY overperformed on election day in the state and won by just a little over 100K votes (about one percent).

I clearly missed on the important swing states as well. I either picked the wrong ones, or I should have added three more - Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan. None of those three states (PA, WI, and/or MI) voted for a GOP candidate for president in (at least) the previous six elections. So, who knew they would switch this election. We knew early on that Trump would go after Pennsylvania, but GOP candidates for president always do. Until this year, they always lost by five plus points (in the previous two elections anyway). So, the map has changed. It most likely will change even more in future elections because of demographic changes.

What will happen from here? Well, Trump has both very good (or easy) aspects and also some very difficult (or hard) ones right now. He is now experiencing his Jupiter return (which is probably one of the strongest positive aspects which contributed to his victory). I’m thinking it may cause him to over-reach in some ways, however. There already seems to be a lot of chaos with the transition team. Transiting Saturn will soon oppose his natal Uranus, Sun, and North Node. Saturn will also conjoin his natal Moon. Those aspects are very difficult. The transition will most likely not go smoothly, and Trump may be noticing that the presidency is not exactly a big fun party. That could lead to some emotional heaviness. Transiting Mars opposes his natal Ascendant/Mars on the day that the Electoral College meets to place their votes. The meeting could be contentious (for Trump) as some Electors may want to rebel. That rebellion is unlikely to be successful. It appears that he will push onward and be sworn into Office on January 20, 2017 (Inauguration Day).

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Final Election Update Prior To Election Day

Donald Trump:

Transiting Saturn is in a sextile aspect to Trump’s natal Chiron on November 5 (and, though Election Day). Trump’s Chiron is in Libra and has been afflicted by a square aspect from transiting Pluto for months now. And, his natal Chiron is conjoined by natal Juno. So, this should be a supporting aspect with regard to his marriage to Melania. And, she may be instrumental in helping to heal him in some way (with regard to his views and attitudes toward women?). Transiting Jupiter is headed in that direction (toward a conjunction to his natal Chiron/Juno), and that should be helpful as well. Transiting Venus opposes his natal Sun on the 6th, and is within aspect on the 5th. He should have some very pleasant times with Melania and others this weekend.

Transiting Mercury is in opposition to Trump’s MC on Election Day. This aspect indicates a focus on foundational issues - home, family, and emotions. I have maintained that this is what Trump should be doing all election cycle because Saturn is also transiting this area of his chart. He should be handling home and family issues … not running for the presidency. He may also be dealing with real estate investment issues as that is a fourth house issue as well. Transiting Mercury is also trining his natal Saturn (in his eleventh house of friends and large groups). He’ll be conversing with friends and large groups of people. It’s also likely he’ll view his chances to become the next president of the US in a realistic manner (not very good). The Moon opposes Trump’s natal Mars in the morning and enters Trump’s seventh house of partners and opponents during the early part of the afternoon (on the West Coast). He has not handled the hard aspects to his natal Mars/Ascendant very well this election cycle, so he may not concede (if he loses the election) - at least, not right away. Transiting Mars is also inconjunct his natal Ascendant on Election Day as it enters the sign of Aquarius. This is an awkward aspect, and it is likely to make him uncomfortable and irritable. Mercury squares his natal Mars on the 10th, so he might be on a continuous rant for a few days - rigged election, bad bad media, emailgate, etc. You get the idea.

Hillary Clinton:

Transiting Saturn trines Hillary’s natal Pluto on the 5th (and through Election Day). She is likely to be very effective and working very hard through Election Day (GOTV). Hillary is a Scorpio, so this is a very helpful aspect. Even so, the Sun is squaring her natal Mars as well, so she will need to be careful of potential accidents and anger issues. I’m not too worried as she handles these aspects quite well.

Transiting Mercury is conjunct her natal Mercury on the 6th. She is thinking clearly and communicating well. She’ll be able to get her point(s) across to others. Transiting Mercury is also squaring her natal Saturn, so she is likely to be quite careful with what she says, and she could be a bit pessimistic in her speech or her assessments of a situation. The Sun squares her natal Pluto as well on the sixth. She will probably need to slow down and get some rest by this time. She will have been working nonstop for days. This could also indicate that something or some situation needs to be fixed or dealt with, but she’ll be fine. Again, she handles these aspects quite well.

The Sun conjoins her natal Venus (and sextiles transiting Pluto) on the 7th. She’ll be pleasant and enjoying herself on this day. Her relationships will be quite positive and perhaps quite deep. Her likability factor will be high through Election Day, and this will help with the election results.

Transiting Venus will oppose her natal Uranus (in Gemini) during the morning hours on Election Day. The unexpected happens, and it might involve a partnership matter. At any rate, Hillary is likely to be seeking greater freedom and more excitement today. Since it’s Election Day, she’ll get plenty of excitement but I’m not too sure if she’ll get much freedom. She’ll be fine, and she can reclaim her freedom in the days to come. Transiting Mars sextiles her natal Jupiter on the 9th and is within aspect on Election Day. She’ll be full of optimism and energy as the day progresses. I suspect that we’ll be calling her Madam President by the day’s end.

The Election Overall:

Transiting Neptune has been conjunct the Moon’s South Lunar Node (and, opposite the North Node) and squaring Uranus in the nation’s natal chart. And, the Moon will conjoin transiting Neptune very early on the 9th. This seems to indicate that there will be some confusion and lack of clarity with some part of the election. I think that will not have to do with the presidency, but will involve the Senate. There are several Senate races that are very tight (according to the polls), and the probability of the Democrats taking control of the Senate is also very tight but on the positive side (according to the polling aggregators). I think it could be a day or two before we find out who controls the Senate (and, maybe more). And, this is important because GOP Senators have already stated that they will hold up all judicial nominations (including SCOTUS nominations) of a President Hillary Clinton (should she win). The nation’s business will likely grind to a halt, and our judiciary will be in crisis mode should the GOP maintain control of the Senate. Let’s hope that doesn’t happen, and I don’t think it will. A note to Bernie supporters: there is zero chance of Bernie’s agenda getting through a Congress controlled by the GOP, and that is why Bernie has been out on the campaign trail for Hillary AND for other Democrats on the ballot. GOTV!