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Monday, October 24, 2016

Election Update - The Last Week Of October

Donald Trump:

Donald Trump enters the last week of October with an interesting and powerful aspect. Transiting Jupiter is now in a sextile aspect to his natal Pluto. Jupiter is transiting Trump’s second house of money and values, and his natal Pluto resides in his twelfth house. Pluto is the ruler of his fourth house of home and real estate concerns/interests. Interestingly, this aspect is exact on Wednesday this week, and on that day, Trump will be at a celebration to open his new hotel in Washington DC. The grand opening and ribbon cutting is to occur at 11 AM on the 26th. Because of this aspect, this hotel/property might actually result in some decent profits for Trump if he plays his cards right. It should definitely help. On the other hand, the Sun squares his progressed Saturn (in his progressed 10th house) on the 25th. This does not bode well for his public image or reputation.

On the other hand, transiting Chiron (in Trump’s seventh house) is squaring his natal Moon in the fifth house. He is probably feeling emotionally vulnerable now, and he may continue to have additional problems with more women coming forward and accusing him of unwanted sexual aggression toward them. This happens as transiting Pluto continues to square his natal Chiron in the second. He is probably continuing to experience financial woes which could limit his election campaign. Transiting Chiron is also squaring his progressed Uranus. His insistence to have things his way is likely resulting in his not getting much help from his “friends” in the Republican Party.

On the 29th, transiting Mercury trines Trump’s natal Mercury. He may be able to get his message out effectively on that date. However, transiting Mercury squares his natal Pluto the next day, and he may be obsessed with something unimportant or trivial in terms of the overall picture. Or, he may suffer from some behind the scenes power play. He could also receive public or media scorn for the way he uses his own power to hurt or disadvantage other people.

On the 31st, The Sun trines Trump’s natal Mercury in the eleventh house. He may receive words of encouragement from friends, or he might give an effective speech to a large gathering of people (a rally). Transiting Mars (in Trump’s fifth house) opposes his natal Saturn in the eleventh on that date as well. He may be seething in silence as a result of what a friend, lover, or one of his children has done. This might also result in more action with regard to the Trump University lawsuit as Mars had just squared transiting Uranus (in Trump’s ninth house), This is a very troubling aspect for him at a critical time in the campaign.

Hillary Clinton:

Hillary will experience her solar return on the 25th. Her birthdate is actually the 26th, but her solar return occurs on the 25th if we assume an 8:02 PM birth time. This is a time of renewed energy and of new beginnings. This is a powerful and positive aspect, and she’ll benefit from it. Mercury also conjoins her natal Sun. She’ll communicate well and positively. She’ll be able to make her points effectively.

On the 27th, Saturn will be in an exact trine to Hillary’s natal Mars. She will act in an effective and relentless manner. She’ll be a formidable opponent to Donald Trump at this time (even more so than usual). This aspect is good for planning, working, and managing a specific project and/or achieving a narrow objective.

Transiting Mars will sextile Hillary’s natal Mercury on the 28th. She will be a passionate speaker on that date, and she’ll be able to speak up for herself and defend herself if need be.

Transiting Venus will trine her natal Mars on the 29th. This aspect symbolizes a balance between the masculine and feminine qualities that we all have. She be able to be assertive when it is called for, and she’ll be pleasant and likable if need be as well. She will know when to hold her ground or when it would be better to compromise.

Transiting Venus will trine Hillary’s Pluto on the 30th. Hillary’s emotional experiences will be intensified by this aspect. She’ll need to be a bit careful as the compulsive quality of this aspect can cause a problem at times. I suspect that she will handle this well because she is a Scorpio. Scorpios like it intense.

Friday, October 14, 2016

A Marriage Proposal

Update 1: This original post was written in October of 2016. The happy couple are still together, and they still plan to wed, but haven't set a firm date. As I predicted, there have been complications (Mercury retrograde) and this engagement has been longer than most. If I had to guess when, I'd say probably Sept./Oct. of 2018 as transiting Jupiter opposes groom 1's natal Juno and groom 2's stellium in Taurus.

Update 2: As I previously forecast, the happy couple has scheduled their wedding for September 22, 2018. In addition to the above, Saturn is conjunct groom 1's natal Venus (adding longevity to the relationship). Jupiter is in opposition to groom 2's natal Venus (indicating a climax).

Two of my male friends became engaged last month. The engagement was announced very early on September 11, 2016 PST. I don’t know the exact time of the proposal, but it most likely occurred late on the 10th or early on the 11th. Many of you probably know who I’m talking about, but since many others will likely read this, I am withholding their names for privacy reasons. I will refer to each of the men as Groom 1 and Groom 2.

I know the exact birth time and place of Groom 1. He is an Aquarius with Pisces rising. He is Groom 1. At the time of the proposal, the Sun was exactly opposite his Ascendant (his Descendant). We often have dealings (sometimes important) with partners at such a time. Retrograding Mercury (the sign that rules his partnership house) was also in proximity to this point indicating communications with a partner.

The Sun was activating the September 12, 2015 solar eclipse in Virgo and conjunct Groom 1’s Descendant. This seems to be the culmination of that eclipse in his life. The Sun was also activating the March 8, 2016 solar eclipse in Pisces and conjunct Groom 1’s Ascendant.

Groom 1 has Saturn in Taurus and conjunct Groom 2’s natal Sun/Venus/Mercury. Some folks might interpret this aspect between the two charts as difficult. I don’t necessarily agree with that. It does connote serious matters between the two, but it also adds some solidity (some glue, if you will) to the partnership. It can make a partnership longer lasting. One thing can definitely be said about this partnership. It is NOT superficial.

At the time of the proposal, transiting Juno (the asteroid that rules civil marriage) was in opposition to Groom 1’s Saturn and Groom 2’s Sun. Transiting Uranus was opposing Groom 2’s natal Juno in Libra (the sign most closely associated with marriage). Transiting Mercury was in trine aspect to Groom 2’s Mercury/Venus. Groom 1’s natal Juno is conjunct Groom 2’s natal Venus/Mercury. Groom 2 made the proposal and initiated the engagement. Sometimes Uranus transiting in opposition to one’s Juno can indicate divorce or the breakup of a marriage, but it really just indicates a change in relationship status. In this case, it seems to have brought the two together in a closer bond.

The proposal occurred while the two were on vacation/holiday abroad. Transiting Jupiter was conjunct Groom 2’s Jupiter. Jupiter returns are usually very fortunate aspects, and often indicate traveling to foreign lands. It was a trip that he will not likely forget. Transiting Jupiter was conjunct Groom 1’s natal Pluto (ruler of his ninth house of foreign travel and foreign cultures).

Mercury was retrograde as was mentioned above. I don’t think that this means that either of the two will change his mind, although that’s possible. It could simply mean that the engagement will be more complicated than either of them wish. They are both very well known and have an abundance of friends and family. So, that seems likely.

Monday, October 10, 2016

Astrology And Politics: Debate No. 2

1 One of the most common things I heard after the second debate was about how angry Trump was, and how the debate itself was angry. Transiting Mars was in opposition to Trump’s natal Mercury and squared Trump’s progressed Mars at the time of the debate. Such aspects would make one want to tell off someone that s/he is pissed off at. And, Trump is not known for holding it in or restraining himself - whether he can or not is debatable. He was intensely angry, and everyone knew it.

2 The Sun was conjunct Trump’s natal Jupiter (in Libra). This aspect tends to make one feel good and believe that what is going down is good/positive. This aspect can also make one go overboard and be overconfident. Trump can be expected to go overboard almost all the time, and he is always confident (or, at least he appears to be). This aspect did, however, help him to perform better in this debate than the last one. He was coherent in making his points, although it was obvious that he did not know what he was talking about with regard to some issues - such as foreign affairs issues. Trump’s natal Jupiter is in a square aspect to his natal Saturn/Venus, so this aspect did not help him as much as it could have under other circumstances.

3 The Sun was in a trine aspect to Trump’s natal Uranus. The unexpected happened prior to the debate as Trump held a Facebook discussion with some women that feel that President Bill Clinton abused (sexual misconduct) or treated them badly. This was probably done to throw Hillary off balance. It might have, but she performed fairly well anyway.

4 Mercury was conjunct Trump’s natal Neptune (and squared his natal Mercury). He repeated more untruths (lies?) in this debate than even the last one. Whether he really believes all the things he said, I’m not sure. Maybe he does actually believe these things. Nevertheless, he stated many many things that are simply not true.

5 It was, again, the planet Venus that made aspect to Hillary’s natal planets. Venus was conjunct her natal Mercury, which again helped her to appear pleasant and speak in a likable and pleasant manner. Venus was squaring her natal Saturn, however. When the two first appeared on stage at the debate, Hillary seemed to give Trump the cold shoulder. That is probably understandable considering the circumstances, but it probably did not look good to some folks. And, she seemed to hold back at times. That could have been a good thing or a bad thing depending on the subject matter. She did seem to warm up and.or loosen up as the debate went on. Venus was also in a trine aspect to her natal Moon. We do not know how close the trine was because we are not certain of her exact birth time.

6 The Sun had already squared transiting Pluto and was still in aspect at the time of the debate. This aspect - one that could symbolize a power play - seems to me to symbolize the moment when Trump threatened to appoint a special prosecutor to look into Hillary’s emails and other issues and also to have her thrown in jail. It won’t get any better as we approach the third debate as transiting Mars conjoins transiting Pluto the morning of the 19th. The two planets will oppose Trump’s Mercury/Saturn midpoint and square his Chiron/Juno.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Miracle On The Hudson

US Airways Flight 1549 was scheduled for takeoff At 3:24 PM EST from New York’s LaGuardia Airport heading to Charlotte Douglas International Airport on January 15, 2009. The Airbus A320 took flight at 3:25 PM EST with 155 passengers and crew. A little over two minutes into the flight, the jet was hit by a flock of birds - Canadian geese - during its standard instrument departure climbout from LaGuardia. Pilots Captain Chesley Sullenberger and First Officer Jeffrey Skiles safely guided the plane to ditch in the Hudson River after multiple bird strikes caused both engines to fail. The aircraft hit the Hudson River at 3:31 PM EST. All 155 passengers and crew were evacuated and rescued by nearby watercraft. There were some injuries, but all 155 passengers and crew survived. The incident came to be known as the “Miracle on the Hudson.” Captain Sullenberger and crew were hailed as heroes.  

The astrological chart drawn over New York City at 3:31 PM EST on January 15, 2009 shows Uranus at the top of the chart (the MC at 18 Pisces) at 20 Pisces and Saturn at the bottom of the chart (the IC at 18 Virgo) at 21 Virgo. Airline disasters often happen during Uranus/Saturn hard aspect periods, and this opposition is certainly a hard aspect. The chart’s MC is on the sign of Pisces which rules large bodies of water such as the Hudson River. The Moon was transiting the fourth house and in a wide conjunction to Saturn there as well. Mercury (which rules birds) was in retrograde motion in early Aquarius (6 degrees) and conjunct Jupiter (ruler of air travel) at 2 Aquarius. Mercury/Jupiter are in a semisquare aspect (45 degree angle) to Uranus/MC in the chart. This aspect encompasses planetary energy that is in conflict and subtle determined tension. Control is required. And, Mercury/Jupiter are in a sesquiquadrate aspect (135 degree angle) to Saturn/IC in the chart. This aspect encompasses planetary energies that are in conflict and subtle determined tension. Calmness is required. The Sun (the leader - or, the pilot in this case) is in Capricorn (at 26 degrees) and is in a wide conjunction to Jupiter (air travel - or, the jet). They both trine (120 degree angle that is very fortunate) asteroid Pallas Athena in Gemini (at 4 degrees) and in the twelfth house. The pilot’s strategy to get the jet down safely succeeded. Yes, there was an element of luck here, but there was also great skill, planning, and strategy on the part of a very experienced pilot.

When a major event of this nature occurs, eclipse points are often activated. In this case Jupiter and Mercury were activating a solar eclipse that occurred on January 26, 2016 at 6 Aquarius. Saturn/Moon and Uranus were activating a solar eclipse that occurred on September 11, 2007.

The Captain, Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger, was born on January 23, 1951 at 5:06 AM in Denison, Texas. His Sun is placed at 3 Aquarius, and transiting Jupiter was in a conjunction to his Sun at the time of the event. This is a very fortunate aspect. His natal Mercury is in Capricorn and is conjunct asteroid Pallas Athena and is in opposition to his natal Uranus. His ability to think quickly and strategically certainly came in handy that day. His natal North Lunar Node is at 20 Pisces, which is at the top (the MC) of this event chart and conjunct Uranus (which rules his Sun sign). It seems that this event was his destiny (or, at least a part of it). Asteroid Hudson is also located in the tenth house of his natal chart.

Interestingly, asteroid 1549 (Mikko) is located at 15 Pisces in the chart and conjunct the MC and Uranus (the unexpected happened on flight 1549, and the event became widely known). And, asteroid Hudson is in Libra at 21 degrees and in the fourth house (of foundational issues -- or, the ground in this case). Venus rules Libra, and it was conjunct asteroid 1549 at 13 Pisces. The jet ditched into the Hudson River.

Pisces rules the motion picture industry, and in 2016 this event was made into a biographical drama film - simply named “Sully” - directed by Clint Eastwood. The film was released by Warner Brothers in the US on September 9, 2016 as the Sun again conjoined the IC in this event’s chart.