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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Astrology And Politics: Debate Number 1

My analysis of the first debate:

1. We had a strong Gemini male on stage with an intelligent and well-prepared woman. The Gemini male could not shut up - not even for a couple of minutes when it was not his turn to speak. His continuous interruptions and speaking loudly and over her came off as rude and misogynistic. He did not appear presidential. The Scorpio female - true to form - allowed him to keep digging himself deeper into a hole. She had a number of “proceed Governor” moments last night (9/26/16).

2. Trump was angry and came into the debate ready to rumble as is signified by transiting Mars in trine aspect to his natal Ascendant/Mars. He was quick on the draw, but he faded as the debate went on. The problem is that a presidential debate is not a boxing match. We like to use those metaphors to describe such events, but they are not the same. And, the two events require different skill sets to some extent. Brute strength is probably a great deal more helpful in a boxing match than it would be in a presidential debate. Intelligence, ability to communicate well, cleverness, patience, and the ability to strategize well would be very important in a debate. Trump’s demeanor most likely did not win him any new fans. It’s also likely that most of his base probably enjoyed it.

3. Trump did not communicate intelligently or coherently for much of the debate. Transiting Mercury was moving into a square aspect to his natal Uranus in Gemini as the debate got underway. His thought processes seemed scattered, and he was probably thinking very rapidly. Even if he had some brilliant thoughts (which is debateable), they came out of his mouth sounding like gibberish fairly often. This aspect did not help him.

4. The Sun was closing in on Trump’s natal Neptune in Libra. Trump’s natal Mercury and Neptune are in a square aspect, and he is known for playing fast and loose with the truth. Trump was unable to get away with telling lies (this time). He was fact-checked repeatedly by the moderator, Hillary, and online. This clearly frustrated him.

5. Transiting Pluto turned stationary direct yesterday, and the planet was/is in a very close square to Trump’s Chiron/Juno in Libra. He is dealing with some painful personal issues. I do not know what they are, but I think this affected his performance in this debate. Fortunately for Trump, transiting Jupiter is headed in that direction. This Pluto change of direction probably made Hillary seem a bit more powerful, because she is a Scorpio.

6. The Moon activated Hillary’s Mercury/Saturn square last night. She was appropriately restrained and was prepared to give details about her policy plans and proposals when needed. She did not seem overly emotional.

7. Most voters already know that Hillary knows her stuff with regard to issues of national interest and importance. But, it was important for her to speak with a bit of humility and diplomatically. She needed to appear likable. Transiting Venus in proximity to her natal Sun helped her to accomplish this.

8. Transiting Mars was in a sextile aspect to her natal Pallas/Athena. She took action to implement her strategy in the debate, and it worked. Hillary's natal Sun is in a trine aspect to this asteroid. She discerns how the details fit in to the whole - she sees the big picture. And, she knows how to plan and strategize.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Folsom Street Fair Astrological Forecast

The fair begins at 11:00 AM on Sunday. The sign on the Ascendant for the chart drawn at that time in San Francisco is sexual and seductive Scorpio - perfect for such an occasion. The Moon is transiting the early degrees of Leo and is in the ninth house in this chart. Leo is the sign of fun, entertainment, and drama (folks love to put on a good show at this street fair). And, the ninth house is the house of new adventures and of growth. There will be plenty of opportunities for new and exciting adventures, and we may even learn something in the process. The Sun and transiting Jupiter are conjunct in Libra in this chart. I can’t think of a better aspect to have for such an occasion. We often experience feelings of joy and exuberance under such an influence. And, Libra is a very sociable, peace loving, and romantic sign. Furthermore, the conjunction falls in the eleventh house of friendship, group endeavors, and manifested wishes and dreams. It's a great time to socialize with old friends and to make some new ones as well. The Sun/Jupiter conjunction is in effect for the entire day, but it becomes exact at midnight. So, it’s all good!
There are a couple of caveats to the above. We are still under the Saturn square Neptune long term aspect’s influence. So, be aware of your surroundings, and know your limit with regard to alcohol consumption (and, other activities). The Sun/Jupiter aspect will tempt us to overdo a bit. Just a tiny bit of restraint will help to make this one of the best FSF’s ever. And, remember the motto - Safe, Sane, and Consensual. Everyone, have a great time at the Folsom Street Fair! I will probably see some of you there.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

September 23, 2016 Weekend Ricksterscope

5R’s – Incredible to 1R – Awful

As the weekend begins, the Moon is transiting the sign chatty Gemini (on the West Coast). It moves into emotional and family oriented Cancer very early on Friday morning. We might be feeling a bit more emotional and vulnerable then. Transiting Mercury (now moving direct in Virgo) is in a trine aspect to transiting Pluto (in Capricorn) also very early on Friday morning. We dig deep for understanding and for answers. Transiting Venus moves into seductive Scorpio early on Friday morning. We want more depth and passion in our relationships in the coming weeks. The Moon moves into full of fun and romance Leo on Sunday morning. We want to go out and have some fun and/or look for romance/love in a dramatic way. The Moon sextiles Jupiter (now in Libra) early in the afternoon, and we end the weekend with a sense of well-being.

Aries – You might want to stay close to home on Friday. Work from home if you can. Home and family issues are at the forefront. You can delve deeply into a matter that affects your daily life today, and you might find some interesting solutions.

You’ll probably want to continue to focus on home and family matters. Foundational issues matter. You also may find that you’re more passionate with regard to a romantic interest. You could experience feelings of bliss, love, and security. You may sense the divine principle in everything and everyone you see now.

It’s time for some fun and games on Sunday, and your playful spirit will likely delight others. Your creative potential is also enhanced today. Your imagination is impressive. Next week: More fun and then back to work.  RRRR

Taurus – You may have a lot to say on Friday. Apparently you have some important messages to deliver. Speak your mind and let others know what you think. A one on one relationship matter gets a positive boost in the next few weeks. However, you may need to rein yourself in a bit today.

Return phone calls and answer email messages on Saturday. You’ll probably want to hang out with neighbors and friends later in the day. You’re mentally alert and energetic. It would be a good day to go to the gym for some exercise.

You might want to stay close to home on Sunday. Feelings of well being emerge early in the afternoon hours.  Next week: Let your inner child out to play.  RRRRR

Gemini – This would be a good weekend to get some financial issues taken care of. Pay bills and balance the checkbook on Friday before heading out. These aren’t fun tasks for you, but they are necessary.

Continue to be careful with your money on Saturday. Having some fun doesn’t need to cost so much. Someone in your daily life is more afable in the coming weeks. This is a time of balance and equilibrium in your life as you’ve learned how to handle your own affairs quite well.

Hang out with neighbors and friends on Sunday. Perhaps, you’ll want to have others over for fun and games. A street party might also be right up your alley as you love to socialize and chat with others. You’ll have much to say, but don’t expect everyone to agree. Next week: Stay close to home.  RRRR  

Cancer – You’re in the spotlight on Friday, and it’s time to go for what you want. What would make you smile today? You have a right to think about yourself once in awhile. This is the time to do it. A creative project gets a green light in the coming weeks. Have a deep and important conversation with a partner or loved one.

Go for more of what you want on Saturday. You’re playful and others will want to be around you. You’re concerned with fulfilling your ideals in life, and you’ll likely formulate your goals in idealistic terms. Guard against taking an ill advised risk, however.

You’ll likely want to spend time at home and with family on Sunday. Have others over if you’d like to entertain. You may have some very unique relationships in the future. Next week: Playful and having fun.  RRRRR

Leo – It may take you quite a while to get into weekend mode this weekend. You might want to lay low on Friday. Take the day off if you can. You might, however be able to resolve a financial issue today. And, you might want to spend more time at home the next few weeks.

Continue to lay low on Saturday as you might not be up to snuff. You might have to cope with the emotional suffering of someone close. You also might be able to turn a weakness into a strength. By Sunday, you will have regained your mojo.

It’s time to wish upon a star on Sunday. What would make you happy? Go for it as the Moon beams down on your sign. You’re thinking more positively these days. Next week: You’re full of fun; handle a financial issue or two as well.  RRRR

Virgo – Group endeavors are favored on Friday. Hold meetings and deal with large groups of people. Go out with your friends for some TGIF fun later. Your words are intense and meaningful now. You’ll want to participate in community activities in the coming weeks.

Find your friends for some fun on Saturday. You might also manifest a wish or dream. Your appreciation for beauty and/or art is stimulated today. And, by the way, you will likely be earning more money in the coming months, but you’re likely to be spending more as well.

After all the weekend fun, you might want to stay at home and rest on Sunday; or, perhaps you’ll go out to a party incognito. Nevertheless, you could be prone to emotional upsets. Next week: You’ll be hard to find.  RRRRR

Libra – You may need to take the lead in an important project or event on Friday. You’re in an adventurous state of mind, and you’re also a force to be reckoned with. Your good humor is appreciated. A monetary issue gets a boost in the coming weeks.

You might want to deal with matters related to an older parent or relative on Saturday. You’re in charge and handling issues optimistically. Creative endeavors are favored today. However, if you’re angry today, you might want to get some exercise.

Find your friends for some end of the weekend fun on Sunday. Go out and enjoy yourself. You’re experiencing life with greater emotional intensity today. Remember, this is your lucky year, so make the most of it.  Next week: More fun with friends and then vanish.  RRRRR

Scorpio – Take an overview on Friday. A friend helps you to delve deeply into a community issue that might be important to you. You’re likely to be more magnetic than usual during the next few weeks. Proceed accordingly. You may find that your family life is also more stable and solid.

Look for something a bit different on Saturday. New adventures capture your attention. Reach out to a friend at a distance. You’re quite energetic today, and your testosterone level could be off the charts. Watch a tendency to be a bit possessive later in the evening.

You’re in charge on Sunday, so take the lead with regard to an important project or endeavor. But, don’t overdo it, because others could be a bit touchy. Next week: Friends seek you out.  RRRRR

Sagittarius – Spend some quality time with someone that you deem special on Friday. The two of you need this special time together. In addition, a professional project could have led to greater income. You may need or want to help someone less fortunate than yourself in the coming weeks.

Continue to spend time with your SO. If you’re single, you might want to get to know someone a bit better. You could get lucky. Partnership finances could also be an issue today.

You’re a bit more adventurous on Sunday. Perhaps, you’ll want to head out to a street fair and look for something or someone a bit different. Take a look at the big picture later. The unexpected happens later in the evening. Next week: A force to be reckoned with.  RRRRR

Capricorn – Others seek you out on Friday, so defer and make it your pleasure. You’ll enjoy all the attention. And, reach out to someone at a distance who might have important information for you. A friend lightens up a bit in the coming weeks. You could attract some fascinating new friends.

Continue to defer to others on Saturday even though you might have difficulty relating to others, and let someone else set the agenda. Nevertheless, the unexpected happens early in the evening.

You might want to spend some quality time with a favorite person on Friday. You may be able to advance a notion that you had been shy about till now. Speak your mind. Next week: More time with a favorite person and then take a look at the big picture.  RRRRR

Aquarius – You will likely have a lot of work to do on Friday. Dig in and get it done as best you can. A partner or loved one has encouraging words for you. And, a boss or higher up becomes easier to deal with and get along with in the weeks to come.

Work on your to do list and take care of any health concerns that might arise on Saturday. A neighbor or sibling surprises or shocks you later in the day. You can understand your own goals as well as those of others today.

Others seek your attention on Sunday. Make it your pleasure, and you’re likely to enjoy yourself. A street fair might be on the agenda. You’re popular wherever you go. Your intuition is heightened today. Next week: Time with someone special.  RRRR

Pisces -- Your playful spirit emerges on Friday, and you’ll probably delight others with this manner. You’re also quite creative now. A partner or friend may have important news. Also, reach out to a friend or loved one at a distance. Head out for some TGIF fun later.

You’re likely to be having fun and enjoying yourself on Saturday. It’s good to let your inner child out to play from time to time. Be careful with finances later. You might also want to visit someone under the weather.

You might want to work on your to do list on Sunday after all the weekend fun. And, be sure to deal with any health issues that arise. Turn in early as you might not be up to snuff. Next week: Defer to others. RRRRR

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

September 16, 2016 Weekend Ricksterscope

5R’s – Incredible to 1R – Awful

As the weekend begins, the Moon is transiting the sign of emotional and compassionate Pisces. Our feelings are important to us, and we tend to focus more on our intuition than on the facts or objective reality. We experience a lunar eclipse in Pisces just before Noon on Friday. Emotions peak and a climax or an end result is realized. The Moon moves into enthusiastic and energetic Aries on Friday night. We are in the mood for some TGIF fun and pursue it actively and enthusiastically. It’s time to put on your dancing shoes. Mars (in Sagittarius) trines Uranus (in Aries) very early on Saturday morning. We energetically and passionately engage in adventures that also lead to our personal growth. Transiting Venus (in Libra) opposes transiting Uranus (in Aries) very early on Sunday morning. Many seek relationships that are different and exciting, but may not be very long lasting. It's probably just a little crush. Expect the unexpected in one on one partnerships. The Moon moves into comfort seeking Taurus late on Sunday evening. We end the weekend seeking comfort and more quiet and subdued pleasures.

Aries –  You might want to lay low on Friday this weekend as you might not be up to snuff; take off from work if you can. You’ll probably feel as if you have your mojo back by Friday night as the Moon moves into your sign. It’s time to go for what you want then.

Go for more of what you want as the Moon beams down on your sign on Saturday. You’ll likely have more than your share of admirers. Your unique energy is inspirational now. However, an older family member could be a hand full later in the evening. You might want to get some exercise if you find your anger rising up within you.

Either you or a partner or a loved one could be unpredictable on Sunday. You’ll probably enjoy the break from the routine. You’ll be able to find common ground as interesting and new ideas flash through your mind. Socialize with friends later in the day. All in all, you’ll have very little to complain about this weekend. Next week: Handle financial issues.  RRRRR

Taurus – Group endeavors are favored on Friday this weekend. Hold meetings during the day, and find your friends during the evening hours for good times and socializing. The lunar eclipse could signal a change in a friendship or with a friend.

A behind the scenes (sudden and unexpected) event looks promising and beneficial for your interests. You might want to maintain a low profile on Saturday. Communication with others is a bit cloudy, and Mercury retrograde doesn’t help the situation. Head home early.

Someone in your daily life could shock or surprise you on Sunday. You might not like it at first, but at least it will get you out of a rut and add some excitement. Your ethical standards are impressive. Next week: In the limelight. RRRR

Gemini – You may need to take charge of a project on Friday. All eyes are on you, so put your best foot forward. The lunar eclipse could herald in a change in your public and/or professional reputation. Taking action now could benefit you professionally. Don’t play down your achievements at this time.

Join in with friends for some fun and games on Saturday. Whether you have a gathering at your place or go out on the town, you’ll have a great time. A friend or a partner inspires you by taking action. You will have a lot to chat about today, but don’t expect everyone to agree. Still, you can get your point across. Flexibility is important.

It’s likely a loved one that surprises you on Sunday. You generally enjoy these types of surprises, so you’ll probably view it as fun or funny.   Next week: Get some needed R & R.  RRRRR

Cancer – Take an overview on Friday. Taking a look at this big pictures helps you to make important decisions if you have to. The lunar eclipse could indicate a future trip abroad that could turn out to be quite important to you. As usual, you will likely be quite emotional under the Full Moon. Don’t sweep important matters under the rug today in an effort to keep the peace.

A health or work concern might take a sudden and unexpected turn for the better. Get together with a partner or someone you enjoy spending time with as you might have something to celebrate. Let others set the agenda, however. You could get “lucky” today.

Defer to others again today. A boss or someone at home could surprise you today. You could be torn between work and home related issues. With you, however, family comes first. You may need to let off some steam later in the day. Next week: Find your friends. RRRRR

Leo – Spend some time with a favorite person on Friday. The lunar eclipse could intensify this relationship. You project warmth and concern for others today. Later in the evening, you’ll want to look for a break in the routine. Look for something different.

You might want to take off on a short weekend trip on Saturday. Or, perhaps you can just allow your mind to wander to distant and interesting lands. Touch base with a friend at a distance for some stimulating and interesting news.

The unexpected happens in a relationship on Sunday, and you may need to take an overview. Look at the big picture before deciding. Your own actions could be surprising to others as well. Next week: A force to be reckoned with.  RRRRR

Virgo – Let someone else set the agenda for today’s activities. Others want to dominate, so let them. You’ll have more partnership opportunities in the future months. You’ll experience life with greater emotional intensity today.

You could get a pleasant surprise with regard to partnership finances, taxes, or insurance on Saturday. Spend some time with someone you deem special on Saturday. You’ll enjoy the closeness and the intimacy. However, you may need to maintain some discretion with regard to your relationships today.

A sibling or neighbor behaves in an unpredictable or shocking manner on Sunday. You’ll shrug it off and move on to other things. Let off some steam in the afternoon hours. Next week: A short trip.  RRRRR

Libra – You’ll likely have more than your share of work to get accomplished on Friday. Keep at it as others seek you out later in the evening hours. Friendship is important to you today. Handle any health issues that might arise. It’s probably not serious, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

A partner or loved one could delight you with an unexpected and pleasant surprise. Defer to others and let them enjoy being with you and making you smile. You have a great sense of well being today.

Too many surprises in one weekend might not appeal to you on Sunday. Let it go as others’ intentions are good and it’s good to be noticed. Your feelings are quite intense today. Next week: Spending time with a favorite person.  RRRRR

Scorpio – You’ll likely be in a very playful mood on Friday, and you might not feel like working. Give yourself a break if you need to and take the day off. Your good mood is contagious. Love and romance are on your mind as well. You’ll likely be even more creative than usual in the months to come with the lunar eclipse in your house of creativity.

You may decide that your to do list needs to be dealt with on Saturday. It might also be a good day to go to the gym and get some exercise. A chance encounter could be to your benefit. If you’re working today, your ethical standards are admirable.

A partner or loved one could surprise you on Sunday, but you’ll need to keep working on that to do list later on. You might find that something needs to be repaired. Deal with any health issues that might arise. Next week: Others seek you out.  RRRR

Sagittarius – You will need to deal with home and family issues on Friday this weekend. Work from home if you can. You may need to deal with a powerful person today. It appears that there could be some changes forthcoming with regard to your home and/or your family (perhaps an addition) in the coming months.

You will want to have some fun this weekend, and your playfulness surfaces on Saturday. Go out and have a ball. A child or loved one could surprise and delight you. You’ll have a tendency to compromise with a loved one today.

It’s seems that it’s a friend who has the surprise for you on Sunday as the unexpected happens. Let your hair down later in the day; join friends for some end of the weekend fun. Listen to your sixth sense today. Next week: Back to work. RRRRR

Capricorn – Speak your mind on Friday as you may have important messages to deliver. And, yes, you may need to repeat some of it. Be careful of out on the road and traveling today. Other than that, your life seems to run quite smoothly today.

You may need to deal with home and family issues on Saturday. And, a family member could shock you, but in a very pleasant way. You’ll enjoy it after the initial shock. You may need to let off some steam later in the evening.

A higher up or an older family member could be quite unpredictable today. You might not be sure which way to turn. Hang in there as it will all work out. You tend to be quite assertive today. Next week: Take some time off and have some fun.  RRRR

Aquarius – It’s time to get your finances in order on Friday this weekend. Pay bills and balance the checkbook. You might want to hang out with some friends later on. You might find someone a bit controlling later in the evening.

What you have to say to friends on Saturday may seem absolutely inspirational. However, remember that Mercury is still retrograde and you might have to repeat yourself or explain what you mean. Touch base with a friend at a distance. Your professional and personal goals seem to be in harmony at this time.

Catch up on your correspondence on Sunday. Answer email messages and return phone calls. Review your Facebook notifications as well. Speak your mind with neighbors and friends later in the day. You might want to reflect on what would make you feel more secure. Next week: Happy at home.  RRRRR

Pisces -- You’ll need to go for what you want on Friday as it’s your best day of the weekend. The Moon in your sign along with a lunar eclipse adds emphasis to your personal life and your one on one relationships. What would make you smile? Let off some steam later in the evening.

You could get a lucky break in terms of your finances on Saturday. It might not be a windfall, but you’re likely to be quite happy about it nevertheless. It looks like a boss or higher up is favorably inclined toward you. You’re creative on the job if you have to work today.

There are more surprises on the money front on Sunday. This time it seems to come from a close partner. Or, perhaps you have gone overboard using the credit cards. It’s probably not serious, but you might want to think about reining in some expenditures. Get some exercise later in the day. Next week: You’ll have a lot to say.  RRRR

September 16, 2016 Lunar Eclipse In Pisces

The month of September is eclipse season in 2016. The first eclipse, a solar eclipse, occurred on September 1, 2016 in Virgo. Now, on September 16 at 2:54 PM EDT, we will have the (full Moon) lunar eclipse. It occurs in the sign of Pisces at about 24 degrees. You will be affected by this eclipse if you have planets or points between 22 and 26 degrees of Pisces and/or Virgo. Most folks will simply experience the eclipse as a full Moon. Full Moons usually indicate a climax or coming to fruition of something, and we are normally more emotional during a full Moon.

The lunar eclipse in Pisces will affect public health issues as well as our ability to feel compassion and give of ourselves unconditionally, events at sea or having to do with large bodies of water, the oil and gas industry in the USA and abroad. Mercury is retrograding in opposition to the eclipse. This adds to the issues of confusion and possibly deception.

For the US, the motion picture industry, shipping, and healthcare are affected. This eclipse indicates increased pressure on healthcare, workers, hospitals, prisons, and death rates and consequences as a result of the t-square in mutable signs. The eclipse point is square the USA’s natal Mars, so this eclipse could also affect the military and potential conflicts. There could also be events related to the airline industry as well as communications and the media. Chiron is conjunct the Moon in the eclipse chart. The Moon represents the people in a location chart, so we may have to face painful issues from the past (racism and slavery?) that we need to resolve and seek healing from. Uranus on the IC indicates surprising and unexpected events on the homefront. It could indicate a possible earthquake(s) (but, not necessarily). It’s only one possibility. Venus in opposition to Uranus and on the MC could indicate a surprising relationship issue with a leader. Mars in trine aspect to Uranus could indicate a very fortunate and innovative invention.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

September 9, 2016 Weekend Ricksterscope

5R’s – Incredible to 1R – Awful

As the weekend begins, the Moon is transiting the sign of optimistic and high minded Sagittarius. We’re ready for some TGIF fun. Transiting Jupiter enters partnership oriented Libra very early on Friday morning. We are more optimistic and generous with regard to our one on one relationships. You might want to find somebody to love. This lovely transit lasts for about a year. Transiting Saturn (in Sagittarius) squares transiting Neptune (in Pisces) very early on Saturday morning. We are reminded to keep our dreams and goals realistic, and/or some may have their view of reality washed away by a tidal wave. The Moon enters ambitious Capricorn on Saturday morning as well. We are more grounded now. Transiting Venus (in Libra) squares transiting Pluto (in Capricorn) very early on Sunday morning. Some relationships may deepen. Others may have difficulty balancing one on one relationship issues and career. Someone may want to dominate a relationship. The Moon trines the Sun (in Virgo) Sunday evening. We close the weekend out with a down to earth balance.

Aries – Take an overview on Friday. The big picture could be a bit fuzzy with Mercury retrograding, so you might have to wait for important information. Jupiter enters your partnership sign, and one on one relationships become more fruitful and joyful. Look for a different way to have fun during the evening hours.

You may need to take charge of a project or situation on Saturday. Stay on top of things and make sure to separate fact from fiction. Someone could be a bit unrealistic. And, you might have some uncomfortable questions to answer.

A relationship and a career issue or goal don’t seem to mix well on Sunday. A power play is not well advised now. In some ways, you could feel as if you’re starting a new life. Call it an early night. Next week: Find your friends.  RRRR

Taurus – Spend some time with a favorite person on Friday. You might have to repeat what you say, but the time together will be well spent. A work or health issue gets a boost in the next year. You could have some feelings of doubt today. Remember that you have to evaluate what you’re doing based on your own views and not those of others.

If you’re bored on Saturday, you might want to look for something a bit different to do. How bout a short trip out of town, or you could go see a movie you wouldn’t normally go to see. A group endeavor could be confusing. Your intuition might be working overtime today, but you might not be interpreting the signals correctly.

You’re a bit restless in the AM hours, so you might want to reach out to someone at a distance on Sunday. This person can seem a bit controlling at times, but s/he could provide a needed break from your usual routine. Next week: A force to be reckoned with. RRRR

Gemini – Let someone else set the agenda today. You’ll gain from deferring to others, and your popularity increases as well. You’re likely to have more fun in the months to come, and romance might be on the agenda as well. You’ll be even more creative.

A partner or boss could be unrealistic about something on Saturday. Is it a pipe dream, or is it a realistic goal? It might be difficult to tell right now. Continue to collect important information. Spend some time with someone you deem special today. You likely feel warm and affectionate toward others today.

A relationship could intensify today, but probably not in a comfortable way. Don’t avoid a potential problem. Nevertheless, it’s a good day to relax and unwind. Next week: Reach out to someone at a distance. RRRRR

Cancer – You may have quite a bit of work to get done on Friday before you can relax and enjoy the weekend. You might want to work from home more often in the coming months. You home environment is likely to become even more pleasant and provide even more opportunities.

A dubious situation at a distance could be worrisome on Saturday. Try to remain centered. Defer to others today and save your energy for later. The unexpected happens with regard to a one on one relationship.

Continue to defer and allow someone else to set the agenda on Sunday. Others want to control things, so why not go with the flow for now. It could also be that you’re thinking clearly today, but others are not. Next week: Time with a favorite person.  RRRR

Leo – While Mercury might be retrograde right now, you’re likely to want to communicate more and spend more time out in your community in the coming months, Neighbors and siblings could become more important. On Friday, your playfulness surfaces. Go out and enjoy yourself on Friday night. Your imagination is stimulated in a positive way.

Your to do list looms large on Saturday, or perhaps you have to work. Your cheerful attitude while working is impressive and appreciated. Be careful with the credit cards today as your balance owed seems to grow magically.

A neighbor or friend may seem a bit controlling on Sunday. Don’t let it slow you down though as you still have quite a bit to get done. You might want to enlarge the scope of your activities at this time. Next week: Others seek you out.  RRRR

Virgo – Foundational issues are important to you on Friday this weekend. Work from home if you can as your concern is on home and family issues. You’ll likely have opportunities to make more money in the coming months and you might want to consider what your values are.

While a family member may seems harsh on Saturday, a partner may seem confused or lost in the clouds. Your playful spirit helps you to deal with anything that arises. Let your hair down on Saturday night.

You’re creative on Sunday, so you might want to do some writing. Get together with friends later for some more fun. A love relationship could intensify for some. You could feel more emotionally alive now than you have in quite some time. Next week: Working hard; Get some exercise too.  RRRRR

Libra – You might have a lot to say on Friday. Speak your mind and allow others to respond. This interchange with others helps you and others to gain needed information and knowledge. You might have to repeat yourself, however. You’re likely to enjoy the next few months enormously. Your need for excitement could cause the unexpected to happen with regard to a relationship tonight, however.

You might want to deal with any minor health issues on Saturday before kicking back and enjoying yourself. Stay close to home today. You might want to have others over for some fun later. You’re looking at the world with greater sensitivity now.

Home and/or family issues are prominent on Sunday. An older family member could seem quite intense. This person can be a bit controlling at times, but you’ll know how to handle the issue diplomatically. Next week: Having more fun than you have had in quite some time.  RRRR

Scorpio – You may need to deal with financial issues on Friday before you can enjoy your weekend. Pay bills and check on your finances. You’re going to enjoy your privacy and your alone time even more than usual in the coming months. And, you might want to help someone less fortunate than yourself.

You might not be up to snuff on Saturday morning, but you’ll feel better later in the day. A child or loved one’s imagination could cause a problem with regard to your finances on Saturday. Proceed with caution. Hang out with neighbors and friends later in the day.

You’ll probably want to speak your mind on Sunday. Let others know your views and get their feedback. You might think that a neighbor or sibling is excessively nosey; just ignore him/her. Listen to your intuition about a matter of importance to you. Next week: Home is where your heart is. RRRRR

Sagittarius – You’re in the driver’s seat on Friday. Go for what you want while the Moon beams down on your sign. Your friends become a major asset to you in the coming months. Group endeavors will provide more opportunities.

A family member may seem dogmatic with regard to a religious or spiritual matter on Saturday. This person could just be confused about the issue, so try to explain in a diplomatic and sensitive manner. Your libido is strong today. Let someone you deem special know how you feel. You may need to do some bookkeeping later.

You might have to deal with some financial issues on Sunday. Pay bills and tweak the budget. Know that you have much to offer as Saturn in your sign might have you feeling less optimistic than you usually do. Keep your feet on the ground. Next week: Speak your mind.  RRRR

Capricorn – You may want to lay low on Friday as you might not be up to snuff until Saturday. Others might wonder where you are, but that’s okay. You need not say anything. You professional life gets a boost in the months ahead. Give others a fair shake.

It’s time for you to go for what you want on Saturday. Even so, a behind the scenes matter could seem confusing or troublesome. A neighbor or sibling could be unclear about something. Forget about that during the evening. Go out and let your hair down. You might have something to celebrate.

Continue to go for more of what you want on Sunday. Relax and unwind with friends and neighbors. Your testosterone level is off the charts today, so go out and have some “fun” tonight. Next week: Financial issues need to be dealt with.  RRRRR

Aquarius – Group endeavors are favored on Friday. Hold meetings and deal with groups of people. You’re able to work hard and accomplish much today. Go out and find your friends on Friday night. Have fun as it’s the best night of your weekend. The unexpected happens with a love interest or significant other. You could be traveling more in the months to come, and you’ll learn a lot.

You might want to lay low today and keep a low profile. Let others take the stage. You may need to deal with a dubious financial issue, and it could involve a friend. Be discreet. You could be out of sorts tonight; turn in early.

Continue to lay low and/or get some extra rest on Sunday. We all need to slow down and get some R & R at times. Your time is coming. Next week: Wish upon a star, and go for it. RRRR

Pisces -- You may need to take charge of a project on Friday, and you could be a force to be reckoned with. You could be dealing with intense issues in the months to come, and a relationship could deepen significantly.  

You could be confused and/or cloudy about an issue on Friday, and a boss or higher up might not be helpful at all. You might find yourself touchy and irritable before long. Find your friends instead. They can give you a better explanation of what is going on. This is an issue that is likely to persist this year. Hang in there.

Join in with friends and neighbors to relax and unwind a bit on Sunday. The discussions are fun, but you might have to repeat yourself. Don’t be surprised if you happen to run into an ex. If you’re angry with someone, you could be projecting. Give it some thought. Next week: Get some R & R.  RRRR