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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

October 30, 2015 Weekend Ricksterscope

5R’s – Incredible to  1R – Awful

We begin the weekend with the Moon transiting gregarious Gemini. The Sun (in hauntingly seductive Scorpio) trines transiting Neptune (in Pisces) in the afternoon. Folks are creative and imaginative with their Halloween costumes. The Moon moves into family-oriented Cancer very early on Saturday morning where it remains the remainder of the weekend.

Aries – Speak your mind on Friday. Don’t overdo it, however, because you could be feeling a bit combative. That’s fine if you really feel you need to get something off your chest. Look at the big picture, and understand the consequences. You may need to catch up on your correspondence. Return phone calls, catch up on email, and chat away. Have you changed your status on Facebook? You might take a short trip. Home and family are important the remainder of the weekend. Your romantic creativity and imagination is impressive on Saturday. A project may be approaching completion, although interference from others might irritate you. Next week: Your creativity soars.  RRR  

Taurus – Pay bills and focus on your finances on Friday. You’re imaginative with one on one relating. A friend might have some good ideas. You speak with sensitivity most of the remainder of the weekend. Hang out with friends and neighbors. Take an overview, and try out your ideas on others. You will probably need to remain flexible, or you could end up with that “Lord today” feeling. Don’t become obsessed with one idea that you may not like. Try not to sit on deeper emotional feelings. Let go of something unnecessary. You are likely to feel generous and more than a little bit self-indulgent on Sunday. Feelings are deep but pleasant. Someone could bend over backwards in an effort to help you and fulfill your needs. Next week: Changes at home.  RRRRR

Gemini – Go for what you want on Friday as the Moon has put you in the spotlight. You smile and others respond. Take a look at your finances the remainder of the weekend, and try to get a handle on expenditures. Some good bargains may help you to save money if you need to. If you have been neglecting your partner, family, and/or good friends lately in favor of work, you may not find this weekend to be very pleasant. If that is the case, your adaptability will help you to bring things back into balance. Use your power creatively, and make some changes on Saturday. You’re cheerful on Sunday even though there is likely more work to do. Next week: Some will head out for a new home. Others, more work.  RRR

Cancer – You may be a bit slow to get into the holiday weekend spirit this weekend. Get some R & R on Friday. On Saturday, you are the star of the show. What do you wish for? Go for it now. Social get-togethers are fun as delightfully scary fantasies abound, and friends are pleasant to be with. You might have your mind on just one other person, however, because your testosterone level is off the charts. Your words are stronger and might be a bit sharper than usual on Saturday. The party could get pretty wild before it’s over. However, on Sunday you are in a more compromising state of mind. Peaceful relationships is the goal. Next week: Pay the bills.  RRRRR

Leo – Having some festive Halloween fun with your friends is probably what you’re up to this Friday. Many are creative and imaginative. Romantic relationships are intense. You might want to curb a slight tendency to be possessive. When all the festivities are finally over, you may want to vanish. You could have something important to attend to the remainder of the weekend, or you might simply need a little extra R & R. If you’re feeling a bit touchy or irritable, taking a look at the big picture will probably cheer you up. You could feel a bit lonely and isolated on Sunday, but it will pass. Next week: Go for what you want.  RRR

Virgo – You will have responsibilities to take care of on Friday, and no one works as hard as Virgo. You’ll handle them with your usual discipline and attention to detail, although you could be feeling a bit touchy. You are clearly someone who can get things done. But, the rest of the week, get with friends for some fun and games. You deserve it, and with the two benefic planets along with energetic Mars in your sign, you’ll likely have enormously pleasant and fun times and perhaps romance as well. You have deep and profound emotions on Saturday night. However, your mood is light and cheerful on Sunday. Next week: Get some rest.  RRRRR

Libra – Take off early on Friday if you can. As a matter of fact, take off the whole day and head for the hills or out of town to look for a new adventure. Otherwise, responsibilities land on you for the remainder of the weekend. Regardless, you are a force to be reckoned with. You have an eager mind and you feel more alert and mentally sharp. On Saturday, you’re more in touch with your feelings, and you show more emotional sensitivity to others. Your energy level is high on Sunday. Take action and perhaps get some exercise. Look for common ground with others. Next week: Fun with friends.  RRRR

Scorpio – Spend time with your significant other on Friday. You seem to instinctively know how s/he feels. If you’re single, get to know someone interesting better. New and different adventures abound the remainder of the weekend. It’s Halloween, and all the imaginative costumes of wicked witches, ghouls, and goblins are a delight. Don’t forget to check out the handsome princes and beautiful princesses, although you’ll be more interested in what is below the surface. Others may head out on an adventure out of town. On Sunday, you feel good and you approach everything with vitality and self-confidence. Next week: Responsibility calls.  RRRRR  

Sagittarius – Defer to others on Friday, and your popularity is on the rise. Let others choose the fun activities this weekend. You’re optimistic, and optimistic people are attractive. A behind the scenes event is helpful to a family member. Spend time with someone that you deem special the remainder of the weekend. A relationship could deepen for some. You may want to beautify or otherwise improve your home. Your energy level is high on Saturday, and you can accomplish quite a bit. You might be a bit irritable early on Sunday. You could be quite indulgent, but you will feel quite good later in the day. Next week: Think of taking a fall vacation. RRRRR  

Capricorn – You have work to do on Friday before you can enjoy the weekend festivities. A sibling or neighbor has an excellent imagination and is quite creative. Lady luck is smiling upon you. Others will not allow you to work the remainder of the weekend, however. You could feel as if you are being pulled in two different directions. Lighten up. You’re quite popular, and you’ll likely have numerous invitations. Defer, and allow someone else to decide. You’ll make some new discoveries on Sunday, and you may be able to solve something that had eluded you prior to now. Next week: Spend some time with someone that you care deeply about. RRRR

Aquarius – Your playfulness is impressive, and you’re creative as well. Singles looking for love may have some interesting opportunities on Friday. You could get lucky. You also could be the agent of radical changes in your life (and others). Let off some steam on Saturday. You may have more than your share of work to do the remainder of the weekend. That’s perfectly fine with some of you as Halloween is not your favorite holiday. Others will find a way to mix some fun in with work. Your thinking will be unusually influenced by your feelings. Dig deep for answers on Sunday. This week: Others demand your attention.  RRR

Pisces – Home is definitely where your heart is on Friday. The warmth of home and family pleases you. Your imagination and intuition are impressive. Take a look at the big picture and how you can manifest your future goals. It’s time for fun and games and romance the remainder of the weekend. You’re also creative. You could be a bit sensitive and vulnerable, however. Try not to take anything too seriously or personally. Your mind is stimulated on Sunday, and you could have some pretty wild ideas. They flash through your mind at lightning speed. Next week: Focus on work and health issues and a little romance. RRRR

Tuesday, October 27, 2015


The following are (astrological) general rules for analyzing how one manages financial affairs and what shape their financial position may be in along with what is happening with one’s financial situation. There are exceptions to these general rules.

First, the signs of Taurus and Scorpio have a financial connotation. Taurus deals with most money issues, and Scorpio deals with one’s partner’s finances, insurance, and taxes. The houses involved are the second house (your money) and the eighth house (others’ finances, insurance, and taxes). For speculative ventures and the stock market, we look at the fifth house. Venus, Pluto, Jupiter, Saturn, and the Sun may have financial consequences natally and/or from transits.

A Saturn transit of one’s second (or eighth) house or making aspects to the above mentioned planets will generally limit or restrict our finances or our money making potential. On the other hand, if we work hard and focus on this area that the Saturn transit indicates we should be working on, it could help us to firm up and solidify our financial position.

A transit made by the benefic planets (Jupiter or Venus) generally enhances our money making potential. However, Jupiter loves excess and Venus has a penchant for luxury. So, if you overdo it, you might be spending more money than the extra amount that you make during these transits. So, much depends on how one handles these transits, because we have free-will.

If Pluto is transiting your second house (or, your natal Venus), you will probably experience a major (possibly slow and relentless) change (of a transformational nature) to the way you make money and probably the way you think about money and your financial affairs. You could become obsessed with money or making money if you're not careful. Favorable aspects from Pluto to your money planets or from your money houses could make you quite clever about financial issues and making money.

A Neptune transit will probably make one fantasize about money and the good life. We aren’t normally very realistic with a Neptune transit, and that could get us into trouble if we do not try to stay at least a little bit grounded. Your money could evaporate under a Neptune transit, and you might be in a fog as to what is happening.

If Uranus is transiting one’s second house, s/he should expect the unexpected with regard to monetary issues. There could be sudden and unexpected expenditures or sudden and unexpected monetary income from surprising sources during this transit. You'll need to be quick about taking advantage of financial opportunities with advantageous Uranus aspects/transits.

It is no surprise that the second house deals with our values as individuals. If we look at what one spends his or her money and other resources on, we learn much about his or her value system and what s/he values. Some of these transits are for making us take a look at our values. What do you value?

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

October 23, 2015 Weekend Ricksterscope

5R’s – Incredible to  1R – Awful

We begin the weekend with the Moon transiting the sign of dreamy Pisces. Transiting Venus in Virgo trines transiting Pluto very early on Friday morning. Love adds power to a situation. The Sun enters Scorpio that morning as well, and our focus changes for the next month … probably to finances. The Moon enters energetic and fiery Aries late Saturday night. Look for some physical recreation. Transiting Venus conjoins transiting Jupiter (both in Virgo) very early on Sunday afternoon. Celebrate! Later in the afternoon, transiting Mercury in Libra opposes transiting Uranus in Aries. Look for the unexpected in partnership matters.

Aries – It seems that you may need a little down time this weekend. Wherever you are, you are likely surrounded by familiar people such as family members. You may not be into the weekend spirit till Saturday afternoon. Once you show up, however, you are all smiles. Partnership finances (and, yes, sex too) will take on greater importance in the next month. Happy occasions and celebrations take place on Sunday, and interesting and stimulating information surfaces. Break out of a rut and broaden your horizons. RRRR

Taurus – Friends are helpful and provide plenty of fun for you this weekend. Career matters look very promising on Friday. You could accomplish something that is quite unique and extraordinary. Have a party and celebrate on Friday night. Look for someone usual and interesting. By late Saturday, you may decide that you have had enough and decide to vanish. Or, perhaps you will want to help someone less advantaged than yourself. Don’t start anything new at this time, however. Recharge your batteries. RRRR

Gemini – Career and work concerns are again uppermost in your mind the first part of this weekend. Your ambitious nature is impressive and even surprising to some. Others may want to throw you a party on Friday night. Let them. Bring your good times and your laughter too.  Friends seek you out. Even so, a one on one relationship/partnership seems to be intensifying this weekend. You are more in touch with your feelings, and how you adapt should be fascinating. Speak your mind and make plans on Saturday. Have a celebration or party with this person on Sunday, and exchange wild and crazy ideas. But, don’t sweep any real problems under the carpet. RRRRR

Cancer – You will probably be on the lookout for a new and different type of an adventure the first part of this weekend. And, a partner is both adventuresome and intense. Love and romance abound. A family member may have some very odd ideas, but don’t dismiss then immediately. One or two might work out better than you think. Some uncomfortable questions could arise on Saturday. You can find answers. Personal matters move along quite smoothly on Sunday. Do some career planning. RRRRR

Leo – A partnership intensifies this weekend, Spend time with someone special the first part of the weekend. You could be somewhat lucky with regard to monetary matters as well. Is your bank account expanding? If not, your spending has increased just as much as your monetary income. Someone very different than you has some ideas that you may think are over the top, but you could be surprised by what you find out. The unexpected happens early on Saturday evening. You are passionate and emotions are intense on Sunday. Look for something or someone new and different. RRRR

Virgo – You’ll likely be in a wonderful mood this weekend, but defer to others anyway. You’re popular, and invitations come in left and right. A romantic relationship intensifies yet remains very pleasant. You’re sensitive to things of beauty, and you might have quite lavish tastes. If you have something to celebrate (and, you probably do), Sunday is the perfect time to have a party or celebration. Let someone special know that you care. In addition, you can make some creative changes working within the current system. You may have some very big plans and ideas on Sunday. RRRRR

Libra – You probably have more than your share of work to get completed before you can enjoy this weekend. Keep your medical appointments. You will need to be flexible. It may take until Saturday afternoon. At that point, others desire your attention. Let others make the plans, and you’ll be happy. Nevertheless, you can get your point(s) across. You attract new, different, and stimulating friends. Home and family concerns are intense yet somehow pleasant and even joyful. Financial matters are important during the next month. RRRR

Scorpio – It’s time for some fun and games the first part of this weekend. A celebration or party looks like it could be in the works for Friday. Friends and loved ones join in. Love is a powerful motivator, and the romantic flames burn brightly. You speak very directly and forcefully on Saturday, and without being offensive. Others share their feelings on Sunday. You may have work to do, but you’re sensitive nevertheless. RRRRR

Sagittarius – Home and family are where you heart is the first part of this weekend. You speak with energy, and probably quite a bit of fire. A boss or higher up is more generous and optimistic. You could be in line for a raise and/or a promotion. Review the last year, and make plans for the next one in the month ahead. You’re ready to go out for fun and games on Saturday night and Sunday. There is a balance between the old and the new in your life. You can take new experiences in your life and give them concrete form. RRRRR

Capricorn – Hang out with neighbors and friends the first part of the weekend. Return phone calls, answer email, and speak your mind. You may benefit from an optimistic friend or associate at a distance. Pleasant daydreams may occupy you as well. However, you could be a bit irritable on Saturday morning. Try to remain calm as you might feel like you have the weight of the world on your shoulders later in the afternoon. If so, ask for help. Sunday looks quite pleasant, and your libido is turned up to high. RRRR

Aquarius – Your finances are highlighted the first part of this weekend. Get that bank statement balanced so you can enjoy the remainder of the weekend. Bring hidden tensions out into the open. You may be expected at a celebration or a party on Friday evening or perhaps Sunday. Your relationship with a partner is pleasant and expansive. A great deal of energy may be expended between you. Let someone know that you care on Saturday. A neighbor, sibling, or partner may have very interesting news on Sunday.  RRRRR

Pisces – The Moon beams down on your sign this weekend making just about anything possible. Go for whatever you want the first part of the weekend. It's up to you; what's your pleasure? Your imagination is in the spotlight. A partner is optimistic and powerful. A financial surprise could be in store on Sunday. Has your partner been just a bit too extravagant? You might get a lucky break through a friend on Saturday. Pleasant times await on Sunday as well, but take a look at financial issues first. RRRRR

Thursday, October 15, 2015

October 16, 2015 Weekend Ricksterscope

5R’s – Incredible  to  1R – Awful

We begin the weekend with the Moon transiting adventuresome Sagittarius. Transiting Venus opposes transiting Neptune on Friday night. We are a bit unrealistic with regard to love and partnership issues then. Transiting Mars (in Virgo) trines transiting Pluto (in Capricorn) on Saturday afternoon. Take action to manifest a new opportunity or business interest. The Moon moves into ambitious practical Capricorn just before noon on Sunday.

Aries – Take off on a short weekend trip if you can. You’re looking for something new and different now, and a new adventure is enticing. Include a friend or two. You’re sensitive to other’s moods and you’re willing to lend a sympathetic ear. You can state your case and make yourself clear on Saturday. An easy flow of energy is present, although you might feel a little bit down later in the evening. Your feistiness might cause an argument with your partner on Sunday. On the other hand, it might help to clear the air. The focus turns to your job and your professional life by Sunday afternoon. Your creativity and optimism come to the rescue again.  RRRRR

Taurus – Spend some quality time with your partner this weekend. If you’re single, perhaps there is someone that you’d like to get to know better. Partnership finances and/or taxes could also be an issue for some. This weekend you may decide to throw decorum out the window (just for a while) and try out some of your more crazy ideas. Self-discovery in such a process is always available. Open up to new people and new experiences. Your professional status is likely to get a boost on Saturday as well.  An interesting adventure awaits you on Sunday afternoon. You and your friends support each other which adds to the camaraderie. RRRRR

Gemini – Defer to others this weekend if you can, and you’ll be glad you did. You draw others to you and you are likely to have numerous invitations. It’s difficult to see how the stars could make you any happier. Your testosterone level is off the charts the first part of the weekend. While you’re not usually possessive, you could have a green-eyed monster moment on Saturday. Don’t worry. It’ll pass. Spend some time with someone very special on Sunday afternoon and evening. If you’re single, try something different (for you) and get to know just one interesting person better. Emotional experiences are intense. RRRRR

Cancer – It’s time to begin checking off more items on your to do list this weekend. You might also be thinking about joining (or re-joining) the gym. You could have some big plans on Friday, but don’t disregard the details. You have a great sensitivity to beauty, so you might be able to buy something lovely for your home. Can you afford it? In any event, your popularity is on the rise by Sunday and others would like your attention and your presence. As always, you give kindness, friendship, and nurturing support. Good fortune seems to come to you through your partner or through neighbors and/or siblings. You communicate with more optimism these days, and you have some big ideas. RRRRR

Leo – Oh my! Aren’t you the frisky lion this weekend?! It appears that you have decided that it is past time to let go of work and responsibility and go out and play. And, no one knows quite how to have a good time like you. You will very likely have something to celebrate, and you could be quite indulgent. Enjoy yourself, and others are delighted as well. Your playfulness is definitely well received. Your mind is clear, and you could make some good deals if you are so inclined (which you may well not be). By Sunday afternoon, however, you may well decide that the party is over (for now) and your mind turns to work or health matters. Get some exercise, although you might feel a bit under the weather by Sunday night. RRRRR

Virgo – It seems that good fortune smiles upon you even while at home, which is where you are very likely to be this weekend. A sense of well-being seems to persist wherever you are. Most likely, your family is grateful. You’re energetic on Friday, so become physically active and make a cherished wish come true. Your thinking is clear, and you’ll likely have a lot to say. By Sunday afternoon, however, you become a bit restless and will want to go out for some fun and games. Let your hair down then. The unexpected happens on Sunday in a wonderful and expansive way. By all means, buy a lottery ticket. You are somehow lucky even if you don’t win. RRRRR

Libra – It looks like you will have a lot to say this weekend, and it’s almost all optimistic and good. You might have experienced a moment or two of psychic enlightenment the past week. Don’t worry, just acknowledge it. Spend some time with neighbors and friends on Friday and Saturday. Decide to make some positive changes in your life, and have a brainstorming session about them. Listen to new and different viewpoints on Saturday. Some of them might be revolutionary. It will help you to break out of a rut. You might also want to catch up on answering email messages and phone calls. Lend a hand to someone who is less fortunate than yourself. On Sunday afternoon, mosey on home. RRRRR

Scorpio – Have you checked your finances lately? You might want to this weekend as the recent Mercury retrograde period may have produced unexpected mistakes or expenditures. You will need to pay closer attention to this area in the next couple of years. If you do, you can solidify your finances. Nevertheless, indulge your creative imagination this weekend. You could have some very erotic fantasies. Who knows? Perhaps you could turn fantasy into reality. Be brave on Saturday, and reveal your true feelings for someone. Chat away on Sunday afternoon. Neighbors or siblings may have interesting input. Your emotions could lead you to excess, but you will feel great about it anyway. RRRR

Sagittarius – You’re in the spotlight this weekend, and it’s time to go for what you want. You may have a little trouble escaping a boss that is on the warpath this weekend, but you’ll figure out a way. Your friends cheer you on and want to chat with you. You will feel loving and affectionate with almost everyone on Friday. And, a new love interest might enter the scene. Look for common sense answers on Saturday. You will argue your case with vigor and passion. Balance your checkbook on Sunday. New business and professional endeavors are favored, and you can make some (carefully planned) expansions or changes that will last. Good career decisions can lead to greater income and better finances. RRRRR

Capricorn – Others wonder where you are the first part of this weekend, but you are not to be seen or heard from. You could be dreaming about your future goals and how you could alter them to the benefit of everyone. Or, you may wonder how to handle a test to some new aspect to your personality. On Sunday afternoon, there you are – all smiles. You need not explain, and we certainly will not spill the beans (any more than we already have). The Moon focuses attention on you then, and you can likely make whatever you want happen. If it doesn’t, you can rest assured that the universe has something even better in store. Perhaps, you should learn to think and/or dream bigger anyway. Your domestic life and romantic liaisons are favored now. RRRR

Aquarius – It’s time for some more fun and games with friends this weekend. You love your friends and almost nothing pleases you more. You will find it relatively easy to verbalize your positive feelings on Friday. However, you can assert your position on most any issue with passion and energy. You might need to let off a little steam on Friday evening. You or someone else may want to shake things up a bit on Saturday morning. A peaceful easy feeling takes over on Saturday afternoon, and you have a chance to relax. By Sunday afternoon, it’s time to vanish once more. You understand the power of positive thinking. Next week: Your libido is charged up to high.  RRRRR

Pisces – Your professional life and career are at the forefront this weekend, and there seems to be a new heaviness in that area. Nevertheless, you are a force to be reckoned with. Partners and friends are helpful. It’s an excellent time for making plans and communicating them to others. Your thinking is clear and precise. Debating is not the issue; you simply want to get to the facts on something. Your communications take on a more emotional tone on Saturday. There are pleasant feeling between you and others. By Sunday afternoon, you will want to spend some time and enjoy your friends. A wish might be realized. You feel warm and friendly toward just about everyone. RRRRR

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Astrology And Health

Before I proceed with the discussion regarding astrology and health issues, I must first issue a disclaimer. Astrologers are not doctors. If you have a health problem, make a beeline to your personal physician and forget about astrology for the time being. Having said that, certain planets do seem to have rulership over certain parts of the body, and certain planetary constellations and aspects appear more likely than others to cause illness.

I’ll give you a few examples of planets and a few of the areas of the body they govern:

Sun: heart, upper back, right eye in males, left eye in females

Moon: breasts, stomach, left eye in males, right eye in females

Mercury: lungs, solar plexus, arms, hands, tongue, nervous system, sense of sight

Venus: throat, kidneys, skin, sense of touch, lower part of back, buttocks

Mars: muscular system, bladder, head, face, sense of taste

We generally look at one’s sixth house and its ruler with regard to health issues. In a natal chart, the Ascendant, the Sun, the Moon, Saturn, and Mars and their conditions/situations are also important. A chart must be looked at in an holistic manner for a proper analysis, however. If Saturn is transiting your sixth house, it’s time to get serious and focus on health issues. You can solidify your health and your body, so why not join the gym. Ignore your health during this period and you are likely to be or get into trouble healthwise. If Jupiter is transiting your sixth house, your health is likely to be quite good. However, you might also be prone to gaining weight. The positive effects of Jupiter are sometimes limited. Jupiter has healing powers, but the planet also expands whatever it touches. If it touches a tumor in your body and expands it, that is not such a good thing. If you have a health issue while Neptune is transiting your sixth house, it may be difficult to pinpoint exactly what is wrong or what is the problem.

All of the signs govern certain areas of the body and are prone to some health issues. If you’d like to know more about that, check out this site for more information.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

October 09, 2015 Weekend Ricksterscope

5R’s – In ble   to 1R – Awful

We begin the weekend with the Moon transiting detail-oriented Virgo. Transiting Venus (in Virgo) squares transiting Saturn (in Sagittarius) late on Saturday afternoon. Romantic relationship cool off or are blocked. The Moon moves into partnership oriented Libra very early on Sunday morning. We are ready to work on our relationships. Transiting Jupiter( in Virgo) trines transiting Pluto (in Capricorn) late Sunday afternoon. Business efforts and deals expand and are fruitful. The Sun (in Libra) opposes transiting Uranus (in Aries) on Sunday night. The unexpected happens with regard to partnership matters.

Aries – You have a lot to get done this weekend and with very little time. With your energy level and motivation, you’ll get through it all with time to spare. By late Friday night, you will want to do something completely different. A partner seems more him or herself than in the past three weeks. And, your career and/or social standing could get a boost. A financial issue could put you in a bad mood on Saturday afternoon, but it is probably not as serious as you think. Although you’re feeling a bit emotional, your dealings with the public are quite good on Saturday night. Look out for the unexpected on Sunday night, however. Defer to others on Sunday, and make a personal connection to everyone you meet.   RRRR

Taurus –Your playfulness is certain to please a child or loved one this weekend. Let your hair down and have some long overdue fun. Work can wait till Sunday. You could get lucky with regard to a career matter, and work matters seem to proceed more smoothly than in the recent past. This may somehow lead to your own internal transformation. However, a financial matter could find you seething, perhaps in silence. Could it have to do with recent confusion or missteps. Nevertheless, it’s temporary. You might also have an argument with someone who you are attracted to. Don’t push. Let your patience guide you. Stand your ground on Sunday. RRRR

Gemini – Home and family matters are in the forefront this weekend. Your home and/or your family may expand. There could be some sort of a delay on Saturday, however. Try not to rush. If you are angry at someone now, you might want to look and see how this person’s actions reflect some of your own habits. Are you projecting? What happens will definitely test your patience. Nevertheless, you can get quite a bit done on Saturday. The script changes on Sunday. Spend time with your friends and enjoy yourself. Your playful personality is appreciated. Partnership finances are favored at this time, and so are intimate relationships. With your ruling planet now in direct motion, you can communicate your wishes more clearly and accurately. RRR

Cancer – You will have quite a bit and even more to say this weekend. Speak your mind. Is your cell phone going crazy. It seems that you and others have plenty of news to share. You may have to make some adjustments in your life. There seems to be a sort of push and pull influence now. You may want to expand in some areas, and limit or let others go. You need to treat others with kid gloves. Fortunately, you’re good at that. Someone lets you know that you can speak your mind – just not on his or her time. By Sunday, quiet times at home are more what you’re interested in. A family member probably seems more upbeat as well. Creative endeavors are favored, so why not redecorate your home. RRRR

Leo – It’s time to re-check your finances this weekend. Errors or mistakes could have occurred the last three weeks, and if so, now you can correct them. On the other hand, you’re self-confident and feeling quite good. Don’t blame it on a child or loved one on Saturday. Look for something different and fun on Saturday night. You might want to look for new job opportunities now as that is favored and you could get lucky. Your health should be better than usual as well. Be careful if traveling on Sunday as there will be some surprises. Casual conversations with others have emotional depth. RRRR

Virgo – You’re in the spotlight this weekend. As they say, wish upon a star. And, then go for it. A minor delay on Saturday will not trip you up if you don’t let it. Find out how your subconscious mind directs you. The signals you send might not be what you want. You could, however,  hit the jackpot with regard to a relationship matter. The intensity looks amazing. But, the unexpected happens on Sunday night. You might not want to go overboard, but you’re cheerful and optimistic anyway. Money matters come into focus on Sunday as well. You can organize yourself and your goals and the structures that you have built into your life. RRRRR

Libra – While others may be looking for you, you are not to be found this weekend on Friday and Saturday. Whatever you’re doing, you do it with a great amount of energy in your own special way. You have great taste and style now, but can you afford it? You show up on Sunday in rare form. Others look at you with curious expressions. You just smile and wink. Go for what you want on Sunday. You’re looking for more freedom, and you’re unlikely to allow others to hold you back. Stick to your guns. You may also have some wild or even dirty erotic thoughts. You could also sense a vague feeling of anger within yourself right now. Look deep within for answers. A family member could be helpful. RRRR

Scorpio – Join friends for good times this weekend. Group activities are favored, and everyone will enjoy them. There might be one or two differences of opinion. Yet, you’re sensitive to the moods of others, and you might even be psychic. Your warmth and generosity is impressive. You might be tempted to go for only a part of what you really want on Saturday, which isn’t like you. You’re likely to pull one of your famous vanishing acts on Sunday. Suddenly, no one can find you. Yes, we know that makes you smile. A friend or a sibling gets quite lucky, and you somehow may benefit as well. RRRR

Sagittarius – You’re in charge and a force to be reckoned with this weekend, especially on Friday and Saturday. Responsibilities expand and mount. Someone might challenge your authority on Saturday afternoon. Frustration builds, but someone powerful notices you and is impressed. On Sunday, you decide to let your hair down and get with friends for good times and other festivities. Realign your goals to that of a group. You will be even more effective that way. You express yourself creatively through your relationships. Financial transactions are favored, and you could get quite lucky. RRRRR

Capricorn – Let go of responsibility and look for something new and different this weekend. You will not be happy with the same ole. See a movie that you normally wouldn’t, go to a concert, or check out a new restaurant. A short trip works as well. You could be a bit irritable. Find an outlet for your excess energy. You have pleasant feelings and are in harmony with yourself on Saturday, however. But, on Sunday your career and/or responsibilities will recapture your attention. It’s a time for serious thinking. You could be fortunate as a result of some type of foreign transaction or deal. Use your power creatively. A family member could be rebellious on Sunday. RRRR

Aquarius – Spend time with someone you care a lot about this weekend. Those feelings and the intensity of the relationship are impressive. Let off some steam if you need to. However, you might run into a bit of a bump later on Saturday afternoon. It’s temporary. It is an excellent time for planning nonetheless. Your thinking is clear and precise. You could benefit from some behind the scenes maneuver. Let your mind wander to far-away places and distant lands on Sunday if you can. A new book might be interesting. But, the unexpected happens and you could be quite irritable. If you accept the changes that are occurring, it can be a very liberating influence. RRRR

Pisces – Defer to others this weekend. Let someone else make the plans. You might just want to have a lazy day on Friday. You will likely receive a number of invitations nevertheless. Your popularity increases (perhaps greatly). If you’re single, potential suitors could be coming out of the woodwork. You deserve this, so enjoy it. But, if someone doesn’t like the real you, it might be best to let them go. You need to be pruning your life of the unnecessary anyway. On Sunday, you might want to get to know one other person better. Take your time and do it right. You could be in for quite a surprise with regard to your finances or your partner’s finances on Sunday. RRRRR 

Tuesday, October 6, 2015


One of the subjects that astrologers are often asked about is moving. When is the best time to move? When will I move to a new home and/or place? Should I move?When asked these questions, we look at a few specific areas or points in a natal chart. 

The fourth house in a natal chart deals with the home. Are there planets in that house and are there any transits in that house that would symbolize/indicate a move? The Moon also deals with home and family issues. Are there transits to the person’s natal Moon that would indicate a move? And, we sometimes look at the ruler of the person’s fourth house. For example, if you have Capricorn on the cusp of the fourth house in your chart, Saturn is the ruler. So, we would look at the person’s natal Saturn and see if there are any transits that would indicate a move.

When is the best time to make a move? I think most astrologers would agree that it is best to make a move with a positive Jupiter transit to those planets and/or the fourth house. A Jupiter transit would most likely provide the opportunities to move. However, it might not provide the motivation. If things are going well, as they likely would be under a Jupiter transit, one might not want to rock the boat (so to speak). It’s a “if it aint broke, don’t fix it” type of a thing. The person might still add on to their current home. That fits with the expansive nature of Jupiter.

So, how about the “when will I move” or “when am I likely to move?” I would first look for a Uranus transit to those areas in a person’s chart. Uranus is the planet of change – most of the time, sudden and unexpected. This planet awakens us to the need or the great desire for a change. With this planet transiting those areas in a chart, you can count on some kind of change occurring. It will likely be something that you (or others) did not expect, however. You’ll feel restless under this transit and like something needs to happen/change. If that change doesn’t happen or doesn’t happen as quickly as you’d like, you will likely become the agent of that change yourself.

Next, I would look for any Pluto transits to those areas of a person’s chart. Pluto is the planet of transformation. This could cause a change of residence, but the change would probably be slow and relentless (as if you didn’t have much of a choice in the matter). There could be some kind of breakdown or decay of your current home to the point that you either have to move or you have to make bigtime and major repairs to your current home.

We could also look for a Neptune transit to those areas. Neptune causes us to dream of the ideal or the perfect place – a utopian paradise, if you will. The problem here is that when we awaken from the dream, we may discover that this perfect and ideal place is not at all what we thought. So, one must try to be very grounded. It would probably help to ask others if what we are seeing is correct. But, also Neptune does not necessarily provide the motivation to take action and move. We might just spend a lot of time dreaming about Oz.

An eclipse could also indicate a move. Eclipses are Uranian in nature, however. The unexpected happens, and it is not possible to predict what will happen. Nevertheless, one of the possibilities of what might occur if say your Moon is eclipsed is that you will make a move.

I have made two major moves in my life. I’m calling them major because they were both moves out of state a great distance from where I had been living, and because they were significant and long-lasting. One was one year after a lunar eclipse in opposition to my natal Moon. And, the other one was when Uranus entered my fourth house (and conjunct my IC). It was opposed by Jupiter. What happened (astrologically) when you made major moves?